I am a very Intellignet Young-Adult that can workl clean and wash all by myself.My family consists of Me,my two brothers, my sister and my Mom and Dad. Also I dont really have a lot of freinds I have some best friends and a girlfriend but the rest are just associate's to be honest.My hobbies are basketball,Video games and just somtimes I like to read the Bible or read about Mythology,But I love to play basketball. And some activities I do in my free time is go outside enjoy the weather or play basketball unless Iam doimg homework or extra curricular activities.

Class Schedule

Period Class Teacher
1 Intro to Marketing Coach Durden
2 Discrete Math 2 Mrs.Conover
3 Old Testament Mr.Patty
4 Advisory Mrs.Penley
5 College History Mrs.Priest
6 Web Design Mrs.Pullam
7 Personal Fianace Mrs.Pullam
8 Advanced P.E. Coach Durden

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